Dizzy Monk drops a music film

Dizzy Monk is an artist led record label and recording studio, based at The Court in Melville Johannesburg.

The Dizzy Monk stable mainly comprises of hip hop artists as well as a talented R&B singer, Dust (who also raps and is rapping in the music video) . DME is a fully functional studio that has a small team of in-house sound engineers, content producers and admin to fulfil projects and work on in-house operations, and we are open to clients.

Dizzy Monk Entertainment is also geared towards being an entertainment label that produces various forms of content such as game reviews and podcasts. We currently produce our own content, and enjoy collaborating with individuals or production companies to create new exciting projects.

The Dizzy Monks video is our third video. For this video we worked with the newly formed Aytch Productions. Having worked with Tamzyn before, we knew she had a creative flair and hands-on approach, and thought she would be great for this video project. She assembled an A team and we made magic together.

Dizzy Monks is team of young professionals, creatively driven to make a historical contribution in the music and entertainment industry. We want to have an intercontinental and international approach, while still building a strong base where we are from. The industry, especially hip hop industry is growing in leaps and bounds and we would like to be part of and add to this progression. For the Art. For the people. For the culture



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