adidas Originals AREA3 Re-launches in city centre, Braam

adidas AREA3
adidas AREA3

Photo: Blacknation Photography

What do you get when you bring together select media, die-hard sneaker heads, key influencers and hipsters under one roof? You get an exciting atmosphere of merry inebriated revellers celebrating the re-launch of the adidas Originals AREA3 store, which took place on 10 April 2015 in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

Moving from Maboneng Precinct, now based in the heart of Braam, AREA3 will be bringing the best of adidas Originals sneakers & apparel to the streets of Johannesburg every month. From limited edition product launches, exclusive events and new releases.

It was certainly an honour for the Blacknation Crew to be invited for the re-launch and as usual we attended the event squad deep (for various reasons of course), a chance to shoot for our street culture show Fasteners, Blacknation Magazine coverage as well as networking.

AREA3’s unique aesthetic is set aside from the rest of its’ neighbouring concept store counterparts across Braam. The window display was designed by a collaborative effort from Mike Leslie and the ANDPEOPLE team. I spotted the usual events inhabitants, including the likes of Maps Maponyana, Kojo Baffoe, Amanda Du Pont, Stilo Magolide and coolest kids, The Ribane’s (Manthe, Tebogo, and Kokona).

Stuart Davies

Stuart Davies/adidas Originals

Before all the serious drinking debauchery, I was definitely excited to get an exclusive interview with Stuart Davis – the Head of adidas Originals South Africa.

Q: So, I wanted to find out about your particular interest with adidas Originals and the role that you play?

A: “Well, I’m the Head of adidas Originals in South Africa, so this is my brain child. I’ve been quite involved with the brand. If you’re familiar with the first store being in Maboneng, and it has evolved in what we see behind us [AREA3], and what we’re launching tonight. It was an activation space, where we did parties, events, art galleries, fashion shows and all sorts of other things. But now we’re more focused on the retail element, and showcasing the products in a beautiful and curated way as well as working with creatives. At the back of this space is a newsroom and a digital media hub – where we invite media, key bloggers and collaborators.”

 Q: Why did you choose Braam out of all places in Johannesburg?

A: “I think it’s a super interesting neighbourhood, a lot of creative people congregate here and it’s busy. It’s also very old school Johannesburg, and surrounded by iconic places such as the Mandela Bridge, universities etc. So that’s the deal, it’s a very exciting space.”

Q: How do you see AREA3 growing within South Africa in the near future?

A: “Well, with the move from Maboneng to Braam, and now with all the digital elements and the newsroom – it’s got some roots in Johannesburg, we wouldn’t want to spread that too quickly in other key cities in the country. The exciting stuff is like the window display, we collaborated with a well-known local artist to create the space. It’s based on the Pharrell Williams concept, however, we localised the whole experience. We’ve got some awesome products dropping throughout the year, and getting together with exciting people – which I can’t share at the moment [laughs].”

Writer: Zane Meslani (@LeloMeslani)

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