An Irritating Free-Thinking Spirit of Born-Free Africa, Part I

My hand swung quick like killing a mosquito was a natural reflex and smashed into the alarm clock with its progressing humping sound on the side of my bed. Most of my girls know that I am not a morning person until I have visit the shower but they all try for a little touch by the time the alarm goes off, this must be a new girl. Today of all mornings my hand searches frantically for a quick cuddle but my bed has only me in it, cold and alone is the order of my morning on this glorious day, she probably snuck out. Thanks to a new program I recently invented for my clock in appreciation of good music by great musicians that came before my time – a song from the early 2000’s by Little Dragon called Thunder Love plays softly now in the background as the world patiently waits for me to engage it, I get up and take a shower.


It is in the year 2700 of our great lord Jargo, a time where nobody makes time references from the existence of Jesus or a God who lives in the sky. During this time is an iconic city of great influence that leads all of the world’s financial systems, technological advancements and cultural norms. In this city we all wake up daily with an involuntary conviction to make it better, grow and leave a lasting legacy. This is because, to some degree or another, every man longs to be remembered for his good deeds. By referring to us I am merely referring to but only a few. We all wake up to go work, hustle and gamble a living for ourselves and loved ones and hopefully improve on the lives of our neighbours. In some extreme instances we all believe that our involvement in the city is pivotal to its existence and that we could not be anywhere else in the world pursuing any other interest. We have all been to the far corners of the world and returned only to find that the world wasn’t big enough so instead we just love Johannesburg.


Johannesburg is known as the greatest marvel of the modern world and the entire city is built into one large building like a maze of stores, restaurants, residential blocks, offices and bars all interconnected into one oversized mall. For the past two centuries, Johannesburg has been the financial capital of the world and in recent times we output $80 billion a day as revenue. With all its wondrous accomplishments as an elite class city it has unwarranted errs in its engine, its people.

After my warm shower my memory of last night started to come back slowly, I proceeded to wonder what happened to the heavenly creature that had shared my bed with me. Out of all of them who wanted me inside them she really stood out because it was as though she was doing me a mighty favour by coming home with me. If perhaps all of my memory serves me well, she had long woolly ginger hair and her skin had a uniform tone and texture throughout her entire body. A rare sight of complete African beauty with a figure finely chiselled by the best of sculptors. Tarrow was her name and she really caught my heart’s eye with her well pronounced personality, a personality that did not need further acknowledgements or compliments to complete it. Her eyes pierced through me like no other lady before her as I slaked her to the moon’s glow gushing through my penthouse windows. I even imagined, whilst in the shower, that it was probably the great Jargo’s doing by blessing me with one of his very own. All to acknowledge word from the Wise Ones with the finest of tributes. She had more feist than all the women I had ever been with since leaving the door of Manhood wide open behind me. A true dream catcher, I hoped to see her again.

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Johannesburg. City of Gold…Cold at times

My name is Kennedy Kallus Chuene of the Chuene clans in the north and I am running for mayor in the biggest and meanest beast of a city in the new world. The Wise Ones who are the keepers of our people’s knowledge told me that leading this city is the reason for my existence but most people feel the need to disagree because I am a bachelor in my early youth, at only 89 years in existence thus far. My leading this city essentially means I run the entire world which is a scary fact to meagre men. The common believe in my people is that no one man should have all that power. On the contrary I believe that all man in my time ought to be reminded of a time when a single man valued at $400 billion in gold, took care of his people and worried himself not with the happenings of the rest of the world or its pleasures. This was a time before colonialism came to steal the knowledge of our people, the time before Wise Ones went into hiding.

I was invited to a meeting a short while ago under the old metro rail stations with all the major contributors of the city’s outstanding overall economic output. At this very secret meeting I was given a chance to address the council where Donald Langa our machines and weaponry manufacture sat to hear my cry. In attempts to ridicule me during my presentation I found myself defending my opinions to a black intellectual scum.

Jaku Zonzo our good mayor felt the need to interrogate me but fortunately I managed to sort him out merely using a silver tongue, wits and not having to sweat.”The teachings of the great Jargo are very explicit on how to raise a nation to build a continent and it is because of these teachings the leaders here today are seeking new ways to cultivate the heavily dilapidated parts of the great Johannesburg.” I said to him calmly strolling through the room, “You have taken to waking up with a fine piece of model ass as a lifestyle and not a pastime my good man. You behave like a lion that has lost all appetite for leadership now sit down and let the future speak.”

 Joelle Gervais— ‘ La balançoire’

Joelle Gervais— ‘ La balançoire’

He was evidently defeated and thus respectfully he took a sit as I continued. “Our city is rotting from the inside, our education systems are distasteful to the youth and that could lead to another great youth revolt like the kids of 1976 or boys and girls of the French revolution or even worse the students of 2016. We are slowly losing our shape, from being a lean and mean bull to slugging around like a heavy oversized cow. And it is when such happens that the vultures come circling around. On the subject of vultures we have one within this train and out of some due respect I will refrain from addressing that any further.”

Written by Edlin Chuene
Online editor, Copywriter & Contributor
Blacknation Digital