Art and Spirituality!

Written by Nomsa Motale

An artist who believes that art and spirituality are one, ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you a young man by the name of Sobukwe Thulasizwe Mapefane from Lesotho, he is a photographer and an aspiring filmmaker. He uses photography as a communication tool that passes on his observations, experiences and understanding of the universe at large.

He loves putting together layered concepts that create ample room for various interpretations, which he believes is what allows his work to have a wider reach, with the risk of having it totally misinterpreted and he thinks that’s how language is born from art.

“Spirituality in its various bodies is what I use as a guideline and source of inspiration most of the time because I feel it is my responsibility to minister communion with GOD and the practice of Love to people as many neglect their Godselves and ultimately it is to remind people that we come from the same source and that we are all God.”, said Sobukwe Thulasizwe Mapefane

Sobukwe Thulasizwe Mapefane said that the series is a collab  between him, Liepollo Moleleki and Lerato Mokete. The story is set in a dimension in which feminine energy is most dominant and has reigned supreme for untold millennia.  As the dimension expands, growing demands of the experiential world (Lived manifested reality) culminate in the need for Masculine energy to balance out the plane.

It infuses the elements of fire, nature, vulnerability and balance.

Written by Nomsa Motale

Make-up: @leratomankukile95

Images: (@_the_era on instagram) (@kepgram on instagram)