Freedom of Creativity at Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival 2018

As it happened at the #Bayeza Creative Conference with an opening by Gorge Matsheke, Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur whom mastered the ceremony. Opening platforms for guest and panel speakers, one of them including the CEO of GEP – Gauteng Enterprise Propeller Mrs. Leah Manenzhe connecting through the impact of entrepreneurship and funding with the attendants and also encouraging the investment of the knowledge or network gathered from the event to be carried through beyond the whole 3 days.

Speakers included internationally renowned illustrator, of the Soweto Towers designs Karabo Poppy and Neo Trinity Rakgajane whom did a presentation on his creative background and also motivating the attendants, also creatives, to do what they want. The panel also included the likes of Chef and Food Stylist, Khanya Mzongwana and Nikiwe Dlova of Own Your Crown, whom both shared their journeys in their respective industries, food and hair.

Opening the summit on Day 2, an introduction through a 12 minute clip based on SA designers, set the path for an engaging session where workshops were held amongst the panel, which included designers from all works of Africa. Included in the panel of artists were there Nando’s Hot Young Designers Finalists. A night of Poetry got everyone on their feet as it got real.

Wacy Zacarias co-founder of Karingana Wa Karingana was amongst the artists who graced the stage with a powerful presentation and also a showcase of the variations of fabrics they do. Giving us a brief history of African Textiles where she explored different types of textiles from different countries.

Then there was the Sound of Freedom, were local artists stomped the big stages with a fan. Paving the rhythm for the feels were Urban Village, Sun Xa Experiment as the sun was out, Zoe Modiga and the list flows with the vibe as DJs were included in the crowd enchanting. Not to forget the beats that got people protesting along, talking about BCUC and vining to Black Motion.

Bazile aBasha at the Freedom Festival in spoken words, beats, textiles, portraits and all creativity.