Executive Producer – Blacknation Video NetWorkCreative Director – Thulasizwe Simelane

Photographer – Onka Ntsoeng

Modeling – Keely, Lungi Manganyi,

Mo, Solofelang Mosoang, Zenobia

Aesthetics – a school of thought that is concerned with the nature and appreciation of art, beauty and taste, beyond just appearance.
Considering that style encompasses all these things- art, beauty and taste, it only makes sense that we share Blacknation’s philosophy on aesthetics.

Keely: Clothing reminds me to be an embodied being. It’s so easy to retreat to my individual mind and forget I am a full person in this world. My style is anything that makes me walk taller, speak up more. When I’m dressed well, I cock my hips, I cross my ankles, I hold my hands in a certain way that makes me feel lucid, present, and full.

Mo: I use my aesthetic as an active form of protest. My shape, color and size of my hair makes a statement and in a way is transgressive. I like to think of my style as an embodiment of a dope Black-Superhero-Anime-Super Spy.
Zenobia: My style reflects my never-ending whirlwind of emotions and expressions. I use my aesthetic as a shield and as a sense of comfort. I believe the way you present yourself reflects your level of creativity and so I am drawn to to others whose style attracts me. There is no way for me to describe my style in a simple phrase as it is constantly changing.