Blacknation to the Polls- Our Registration Process

South African Youth Voting Registration

There are a number of things one chooses to do on a Sunday, sleep in go to church for the more faithful and perhaps like myself sloth about. So waking up to go out into the world was a mammoth task but what makes the process worth it is knowing that there is a mammoth government that needs the guidance of the people, hence we vote. We vote for what we would like to see happening and if not well perhaps we will take to the streets but before all that we register to vote.

We googled our nearest voting station which happened to be the City Hall in the centre of Johannesburg CBD. We arrived at around 10.
There was no queue but there were people leaving the venue in drips and drabs. Within the hall were two tables and seated behind these tables three women who took our details such as name, address and whether you have registered before while making jokes to keep us occupied. It was over in about 5 minutes. The process does only involves filling in a form and then scanning your ID so it’s not as laborious as expected.

I encourage you to go through this process one of these Sundays as you have until before the 3rd of August to get it sorted, as that is Election Day.

South African Youth Voting Registration

Blacknation to the Polls

Let’s be proactive, register to vote.