Brenda Fassie, The Original Trend-Setter!

Written by Nomsa Motale

Childhood memories of walking down the street and watching someone older than me hosting a 21st party in the hood and I would see kasi guys with their spoti’s and the women in their dimas (shades), freely dancing along to the music like they had no worries, sipping on their drinks like the world was spinning on their psalms, loud speakers chilling on the front-lawn and we all knew that party would be lit and probably ko next door, they wouldn’t get any sleep until early am’s, or whenever there was a wedding we all knew that everybody was invited, there were no time for RSVP or invitation vibes, as long as there was a tent and music at someone’s house, then it meant that there was a wedding and we all knew that it would be free everything, free food, free music, free good vibes, man.

Throughout all these events, one-thing always stood out for me, besides the food and people uniting and the malume’s shouting and asking the younger siblings to get them beer or the dancing and hypnotic atmosphere. I noticed a certain pattern and trend. I noticed that at every gathering, there was always a particular song that was played. I mean this song played ko di 21st, weddings, kid’s parties, and at the local shebeen, just almost everywhere. This song was none other than the famous song by Brenda Fassie, ‘Vulindlela’. I mean this song had so much vibe and intensity, the way it would unite people together, the way it would make everyone feel good.


Then there was “Ngiyakusaba”, which was one of the most fun-filled songs by Brenda Fassie, that song had the ‘woooo’ effect, that would make you remember or think of moments, when you would put on your bathing suit and mimic the moves from the music video, in-front of the mirror and probably sing along to every lyric that was in the song, silly memories of when you would gather with your friends outside and for some reason everyone wanted to get the steps correctly.

Or the attitude and funk that sparked within whenever the ‘Weekend Specialsong played, whenever it plays people get trapped in a trance and they always envision themselves singing to a large crowd

There are so many hit songs that this legendary star has given to us, songs that trigger so many memories within us, song’s that remind us about the authenticity of our stories and beauty as black people. Brenda Fassie was the reason why music had meaning and her fashion influence was definitely undeniable.

Without a doubt we can all truly say that Brenda Fassie was the original trend-setter! She was the ultimate lit force. From her songs, to her vivacious personality, to that amazing voice, if you look around you can see that she influenced most parts of the industry. Uzoqwala!

Written by Nomsa Motale