Ckenz Voucal launches Defrost Mix at YFM’s Live ‘N Reyired!

Ckenz Voucal was last Friday’s live performer on YFM’s Live ‘N Reyired, the mood was set with stage smoke, laser lighting and the talent that is – Ckenz Voucal. The backdrop was the perfect platform for the Defrost Mix launch of the musical offerings that he has been featured on and written.

Ckenz Voucal had a treat for the live audience as well as listeners as he paid tribute to former DJ at YFM Khabzela by performing the classic by Sharon Phillips “Touch Me” taken of the Mekonko Vol 2 and mashed it up with Brothers of Peace “Zabalaza”.

The night then saw Bazy B joining Ckenz Voucal on stage for their hit single “I Found You” which is currently a firm favourite amongst avid house and lounge fans. Music lovers can look forward to other impressive collaborations in the mix with another “Ebondeni” with Cubique DJ & Lulo Café.

Having formally been the lead vocalist for The Layders, the band that released their critically acclaimed album “For All Seasons” under the mega house music label Soul Candi, Ckenz Voucal has since recorded multiple bodies of work with various prominent house producers both locally and internationally.

His latest body of work is available for free download, so I urge a sit back, download and the sheer enjoyment of Ckenz Voucal’s latest offering.

“The Defrost Mix” features:

  • Mr O ft Ckenz Voucal – Loving You
  • Jonny Miller ft Ckenz Voucal – Good Inside
  • Funk Deepstar & Mr O ft Ckenz Voucal- I got this feeling
  • DJ Kent ft The Layders – Sunday Morning
  • Bazy B ft Ckenz Voucal – I Found You.
  • Divine Brothers ft Ckenz Voucal – Something About You (House Victimz Remix)
  • Cubique & Lulo Café ft Ckenz Voucal- Ebondeni

Download the Defrost Mix here