Creating, Documenting, Inspiring!

Written by Nomsa Motale

This artist goes by the name of Obakeng TH3KWL3ST. Inspired by blackness and it’s narrative, everything from rewriting it to simply re-emphasizing the greatness that is already known about it. Obakeng would like to delve into more serious issues within the black community through different artistic mediums.

Obakeng would like to focus on topics such as intersectionality, patriarchy, and breaking the traditional mould of what male masculinity should be and look like.

“Currently one of my favorite series I’ve worked on was one titled ‘Read More African Literature, Drink More Water‘ which I guess explains itself in the title but to elaborate, it was inspired by a Ted talk that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie did and she spoke about how reading more African Literature helped her learn about the greatness that being black carries as opposed to reading Western Literature which doesn’t communicate those ideas.” said Obakeng

“The Farmers”, is a creative community that consists of Obakeng and friends. They basically help with bringing my ideas to fruition.”

Check out the amazing work below