1. Please Introduce yourself, what do you do?

My name is Modise Sepeng aka Blackdice creative head of Negritude republic born and raised in Alexandra township I am a graphic designer/art director and illustrator e kasi.


  1. When did you realise that you wanted to express your creativity? Was it encouraged by others (e.g., parents)?

In 2008 I met two graphic designers who just graduated at Imaginational lab ( Vega Initiative) and they where both working on a company they started (Motion canvas) at that time I felt very inspired and curios about the creative industry and what it means to be a graphic designer and what it takes, with the exposure and influence I got from designers I started experimenting learning, applying, practising and expressing my creativity.



  1. Are you creative in more than one area? What is/are the other area(s)?

Before being defined as a creative I’ve always find ways to expressed my thoughts through Poetry and Photography, by doing so I developed a creative process and always challenged my self to be an all around creative.


  1. How does your creative process/production benefit you? For example, does it support you financially?

I’ve developed a strong creative process over the years especially and by doing so I ended up creating a style that exposed and created a demand for my style and work, yes it does support my family.


  1. What benefits or problems might we expect with the cloning of highly creative individuals? Please finish this sentence: “It would be best if ____% of the world’s population were highly creative because ….”

It would be best if 80% of the world’s population were highly creative because the world is sick ad the only medicine is ideas to make it a better place to live at and who better to this that creative, I believe creativity is a language of ideas used to solve real life problems through communication. Creative is able to speak many languages, it speaks to emotions and human intuition



  1. How would you describe your personality?

I think I talk a lot, I’m in the field of visual communicating and that’s helps stimulate my craft and creativity,  I’m very black in a modern and cultured way

and I’m a populist that’s  passionately curious about creativity


  1. Did other people accept your work at first or did it take some effort on your part to be recognised by others?

One of the hardest things in my journey as a creative was to feel unaccepted at first, and that affected my craftsmanship, it defiantly took some effort to be recognised, I had to find my inner voice and use that to express my ideas, I had to have a personal relationship with creativity allow my intuition to guide me and that led me to create work that offers peace’s of my soul


  1. Do you consider yourself to be different from other people? If so, how does this affect you?

I don’t consider my self-different from other people, but I’d think I have a unique way of seeing things different conceptually and how I draw inspiration from ideologies of what it means to be African and this allows me to live creatively fusing my culture and design


  1. Where do you go to see art?

I believe your environment is your main influence, I grow up in Alexandra town and the creative in me saw the beauty and Art, I feel art through conversations/stories told and I see art from how peoples lifestyle, how people interact with their surroundings.



  1. How is your idea derived – in a moment, from a voice, during an out-of-body experience? Or does the idea come when something or someone else is influencing you?

My ideas are influenced by cultural diversity and shared black heritage.


  1. How do you want to be remembered?

I personally want my identity of my work to be remembered, I want the massage I’m communicating to be remembered.