It went down in the Green  Room with Durban-born Joburg-based DJ, Producer, Fashion Guru, Lifestyle Junkie, Slice Frederico, whose name was inspired by his interest in Italian “Mafia” movies.

In creating his craft, he’s inspired by waking up in the morning, his surroundings, and the gift of being alive. With the ability  to import the lifestyle from Umlazi, the hood, and incorporating it with the one in Joburg where there are a variety of personalities and lifestyles from all over the world. To have the energy to compete or even compare with them is not necessary as it is vital that one stays true to self he says. He’s proud to represent Umlazi and also to adapt to the city.

Gaining influence from the veterans of the city is about being open to learn about cultures, personalities and the industry itself. As an advocate in buying local, he advises to keep it local as much as you can especially with small businesses as you’ll never know where the support will go and what will return of it.


Having to learn the art of balance on a collaboration with OKMalumkoolkat, it’s inspiring more than anything for him. The aim is to stay humble as your high for today maybe your low for tomorrow, afterall we all have goals. Having being a DJ and witnessing battles, he would love to open platforms for upcoming DJs to battle And showcase their talent.

He advises young creatives to go out there and learn as much as they can, even if it doesn’t pay off at first, it will take you as far as you want, desire or ever dreamt of. To grab every opportunity as it comes as it might be relevant at that time only or even come at that time only.

Personally, it is vital for one to be in front as you get to interact as it may be nice to watch but being part of the event or product is more fruitful. With having to think of Africa creatively, one has to look forward to learning different cultures within the industry and sync with the message.

More than anything, understanding and believing that nothing is permanent is key. You can be here today and gone tomorrow.