EXCLUSIVE: Young Stilo and The Voice talk about merging Music, Photography and Fashion

With having influence from Stilo Magolide, there is a story behind Young Stilo, a photographer and street fashionista, that will be told in time when the evolution is in fruition. In collaboration with The Voice, a sneaker head, Emcee and stylist whose name came about having worked at sneaker stores. The formation of the anatomy of his image was at the sneaker trade, with selling them to mostly women using his deep voice as an attraction for the sales. As told by the ladies that how he presented and projected his voice when selling, made it easy for them to buy, that’s how The Voice came about.

As a Photographer, there are aspects that describes your footprint and style from angles to colour, feel and highlights. Young Stilo believes that specific angles define his photography from low angles and clear backgrounds, masking and duplicating defining his editing. The description of the humor and style in his photography is mostly defined by the editing more than anything.

To have chosen to document moments through photography than writing or any other craft is the norm of a picture telling a thousand stories. However, it’s not about the fashion found in the picture of a model, sometimes the edit will show the journey and the feel of the model. The type of story aimed to be told in thousands words through photography is to explain his art in regards to what he does besides street fashion and photography. The inspiration behind the story in photography is fashion, art and music as he travels a lot exposing him to a variety of fashion, arts and landscapes.

With Young Stilo having jewelry on his fingers and The Voice having one on his ring finger, “he’s not married though”, he defines the meaning of the ring as a symbol of guidance and motivation.

With the two collaborating, they talk about balance and creative execution. They believe that proper planning is essential in regards to creating effective content and portfolio of work as one would want to just create for the sake of creating. Alternating each day to their craft is ideal, from photography to fashion and orderly with ability to track everything. In regards to roles, they delegate, share and switch when and where necessary as there needs to be a balance in all differences.

One being the left leg and one being the right, that’s how they define balance in their collaborative spaces.

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