Favelo International x Mankind

Favelo International (est. 2014); every piece perfectly balances form and function for the young urban creative. Mankind walks and talks this balance through his urban sound of trap with a forever “trill” – true + real – message.

Similarly like Favelo International, Mankind fails to follow trends but rather he chooses to carve his own path and that is the martyr of all the greats from all over the pages of history.

From working with the likes of Morena Leraba and more recently Stilo “Tropicana Jiiig” Magolide, Mankind oozes versatility and and functionality.

Here is a track that asserts to you the versatility that is Mankind.

The creators of Favelo whom among other motivations took to making the clothes they longed to have but could not afford; today this is an internationally relevant clothing brand and the birth of another great.

Favelo International’s collaboration with Mankind stands true to their name, the acronym; functional, active, versatility, equity, locomotion and optimism.