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  • 17 year old South African rapper, The Big Hash, drops on Apple Music

    It’s never too early to pursue your dreams, especially when passion, talent and some hustling gets you noticed by the big players, as it has for young SA rapper The Big Hash.

     Based in Pretoria, Tshegetso Reabetswe Kungwane – known professionally as The Big Hash, is said to be South Africa’s best kept secret.  Having recently released his EP called Life + Times of a Teenage Influence in March 2018, it has already racked up over 170 000 streams and caught the attention of local rap royalty Riky Rick, who invited him to perform at Africa’s biggest hip-hop festival, Back to the City.

    On his way to leading the new Hip Hop Wave in South Africa, The Big Hash is unapologetic about dropping out of high school to pursue his career as he lyrically navigates relationships, money, hustling and everyday life, highlighted in his stand-out track Exes on the Weekend.

    Apple Music has recognised the spectacular rise of this young artist and is excited to showcase his music in the New Artist Spotlight in June, bringing his music not only to the African continent, but the entire world.

    Says The Big Hash, “I have no words to describe this achievement right now, it’s unbelievable to know that 9 months ago, no-one was even sure about what I wanted to do when I left school. And now to find myself being given The New Artist Spotlight for June on Apple Music, nine months later…it’s one of the biggest honors in this growing career of mine.” New Artist Spotlight is an artist development feature where a light is shone on a new South African artist each month, giving them four weeks of editorial support across the Apple Music ecosystem as a Hero artist, inclusion in the Mzansi Hits Room and key Apple Music playlists such as The A-List: South Africa, Best of the Week and more. Previous South African artists to have benefited from the New Artist Spotlight include, Sun El-Musician, Thandi Ntuli, Shekhinah, Shane Eagle, Elandre, Sketchy Bongo, Amanda Black, Babes Wodumo, Sipho The Gift, Johnny Cradle, Tholwana, Lucy Kruger, Moonga K, Josh Kempen and Alice Phoebe Lou. ​With over 45 million songs, Apple Music offers a free 3 month trial with no commitment and is ad-free. Apple Music is available on iPhone and iPad and also for download from Google Play for Android devices

     The album is available on Apple Music: https://apple.co/2Jc6Ca0
  • Dizzy Monk drops a music film

    Dizzy Monk is an artist led record label and recording studio, based at The Court in Melville Johannesburg. The Dizzy Monk stable mainly comprises of hip hop artists as well as a talented R&B singer, Dust (who also raps and is rapping in the music video) . DME is a fully functional studio that has a small team of in-house sound engineers, content producers and admin to fulfil projects and work on in-house operations, and we are open to clients. Dizzy Monk Entertainment is also geared towards being an entertainment label that produces various forms of content such as game reviews and podcasts. We currently produce our own content, and enjoy collaborating with individuals or production companies to create new exciting projects. The Dizzy Monks video is our third video. For this video we worked with the newly formed Aytch Productions. Having worked with Tamzyn before, we knew she had a creative flair and hands-on approach, and thought she would be great for this video project. She assembled an A team and we made magic together. Dizzy Monks is team of young professionals, creatively driven to make a historical contribution in the music and entertainment industry. We want to have an intercontinental and international approach, while still building a strong base where we are from. The industry, especially hip hop industry is growing in leaps and bounds and we would like to be part of and add to this progression. For the Art. For the people. For the culture   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DizzyMonks/ Twitter: @Dizzy_Monks Instagram: @DizzyMonks YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCvEg7bKAAUWVyE-pJ2nlog   Contact: Kyla – 072 574 9635 / kylajade02@gmail.com OR Thando – 079 429 8263 / thandodhaza@rocketmail.com

    Q: How would you define self-distribution? A: Self distribution comes in three ways; owned, earned, and paid distribution, so at HipHop 411 we mainly use owned content because it goes directly to our own platforms which is e.g, website, our own own social media platforms and blogs because it belongs to us, but we also use earned distribution because we do press coverage for brands, and articles that gets published other platforms. Q: Why did you establish or start your content platform? A: We started it because Hip-Hop 411 is no longer limited to rap music and break dancing today, it represents a multi -billion dollar industry that influences everything from automotive design to fashion, prime time television programming, professional sports mass marketing and main street advertising. So, we want to share all these elements to the world in an online digital way from a South African context. Q: How did you prepare for this venture? A: We registered a company, opened up a business account, brought in a creative team that would specialise in pre-production, production, and post production of all visual content. Q: What was required for you to establish the platform? Take us through the process. A: Our strategy involved conceptualising ideas, developing them, and editing them all in-house. This includes idea generation, on-air promo conceptualising and execution, copywriting, graphic design, motion graphics, animation and editing. An image of excellence and professionalism portrays the brand’s attributes as a problem solver. Q: How important is research throughout the various phases? A: Beginning to Growth Level. It’s important because you can identify your target market segment, explore possible alternative market share, build and maintain. Q: Do you need to be passionate about the subject matter of your platform? And why? A: Yes, you do. Because if you love what you doing, you will always give it your all – no matter what. You might even end-up finding your purpose in life. Q: How do you make sure that your platform stands out from anything else that’s on the Internet? A: We use Social Media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), conventional advertising channels, Public Relations initiatives , word of mouth, advertise on online directories, industry publication and other printed media. Q: What are some of your favourite content platforms? A: It’s YouTube, CNET, HypeBeast, and Complex Magazine. Q: Most people use YouTube as a means of distribution, how can one take advantage of this platform to gain content views or eyeballs? A: Develop editorial angles and messaging, strategically focus articles around your content and brand, create an interactive social media structure with newsletters, blogs and Facebook pages that will lead them to your YouTube channel. Q: What tools can people use to make sure that they nail the branding part of their platforms? A: Distribution, advertising and promotion. Q: What platforms or channel references that you can give to our audience to look at? A: Complex Magazine, CNET, HypeBeast, and Hip-Hop DX. Q: What is your understanding of content monetisation in the content creation space? A: My understanding about monetisation is how do you make money from selling your content to third party media platforms. Q: What do creators or beginners need to consider in order to be suitable for monetisation? A: Your contents needs to be sellable, the quality of your production must be on point, people need to feel associated with the brand so that you build up those numbers. The higher the numbers, the better the pay. Q: Have you monetised any of your content? If so, how did you position your platform for monetisation? A: Yes, through TransAds and Content Connect Africa. Q: What are the different ways of monetizing your content? A: An advertising campaign, sharing links, sell Ad space if you got the right numbers, sponsored posts, build an email list, etc. Q: In the content creation space, what do advertisers look for? A: From a content perspective as well as business. It’s brand placement, numbers, brand influence and proper distribution channels. Q: How much can you charge advertisers? And how do you determine this? A: I’m not sure, I guess it also depends on how big your brand is and your market share.  
  • Download “Why Not Nod” Music

    Tied by the grooves that set the pace of our perceptions, your journey will be unique and incomparable because very few reference points equate to this, dope shit, enjoy the ride. “Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing” is a soulfully infectious indie pop track with deep rooted house beats. Adding a new dimension to the Why Not Nod track, guest vocalist Jecca Lloyd. The second offering from Cape Town duo, Why Not Nod, is “Shoulder”. “Shoulder” is bassy, rap combination with a simple instrumentation and a hypnotic melody to keep listeners hanging on to the track. Dropbox link includes the singles, “Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing” and “Shoulder”: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ccmos3ru723t2rv/AABEZBkv4zv033uBLBeVa88Ya?dl=0 “Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing” Written, Composed & Produced by Roland Brown, Graeme Lloyd and Jecca Lloyd “Shoulder” Written, Composed & Produced by Roland Brown, Graeme Lloyd Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/whynotnod

    Hosted by Nandi Madida, the reality series searches for the continent’s best emerging fashion designer
    In the wild and creative world of fashion, the true stars are the ones who not only think outside the box but imagine that the box does not even exist.  BET in Africa brings you a brand new local production, aimed at discovering the best emerging designers from across Africa. The reality series spotlights the quest that is Africa’s fashion revolution on Made in Africa starting onWednesday, 30 May at 21:00 CAT on BET (DStv channel 129).
    Made in Africa is hosted and co-produced by multi-talented style queen Nandi Madida.
    The series is a partnership between BET in Africa, the KZN Film Commission and the Youth Directorate of the KZN Department of Economic Development; Tourism and Environmental Affairs. The African fashion industry has boomed in the past decade, with fashion designers from the continent blowing up catwalks across the world with their bold prints, bright colors and unfettered creativity. BETcelebrates design from across Mother Africa where emerging designers battle it out to be a cut above the rest.
    Says Monde Twala, Vice President for BET, Youth and Music for Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN Africa): “We are thrilled to welcome another strong local content series to our BET in Africa programming line-up. This is a great example of public private partnership together with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development and their public entity; the KZN Film Commission.This series is set to be the fashion choice for Africans by Africans.”
    Thami Zondi, Director for the Youth Economic Empowerment Programme of the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs added, “We are honored to be a part of this production and important partnership with VIMN Africa which plays a key role in contributing towards driving economic growth and multi sector development for the youth in particular and the industry at large. In this case empowering our youth in both the fashion as well as Film and Television industries; which is in line with provincial strategy of prioritizing the creative industry as a whole.”
    The search is for Africa’s next design star where the last designer left standing will have their collection made available to consumers in a leading national retail store.
    Concluded Nandi Madida: “The audience can expect a Pan African fashion reality show that celebrates the talent that we have across the continent. Witness the sweat and tears all in the name of finding Africa’s next household fashion designer. Shot in the beautiful background of Durban, this is more than just a TV show, it truly is a fashion showcase.”
    Each episode will feature main panelist The Space designer retailer operations manager Vanessa Leisegang along with a rotating panel of fashion industry experts including Zama MatheFrancois Vademme and Adama Amanda Ndiaye from Senegal discussing the latest industry trends and news in the world of fashion. A theme is assigned for the contestants to draw inspiration and creativity for their masterful designs.  This includes drawing inspiration from architecture, the wilderness, bridal wear, film, sports, visual arts and the red carpet. Additional expert panelists include designer Natasha Tlagae from Botswana, Ice Models’ operations director Tiffany Prior, Architect Ndabo Langa, actress and stylist Sthandiwe Kgoroge and fitness queen Sbahle Mpisane.
    On the first episode of Made In Africa we meet designers, Noloyisa Lubelwana and Towa Mungandi as the two go head-to-head in a competition against the clock, hoping to impress the judges in the Fashion-In-The-Wilderness challenge. Who will be the cut above the rest to be crowned Africa’s next design star?
    Watch Made in Africa on BET (DStv channel 129) from Wednesday 30 May at 21h00
    CAT and repeats from the 4 June at 16:00 CAT. Visit www.betafrica.tv, like and chat to BET on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BETinAfrica, or join the conversation about the channel on Twitter and Instagram @BET_Africa using the hashtag #BETMadeInAfrica
  • Music Mi-Stros: Q&A with Waheed Carrim & Nkululeko Mayiyane

    Q: What is Mi-Stro Records? A: We are a vibrant Record Label founded in Sophiatown, developing young and upcoming talent by means of recording music, music videos, marketing, branding, events, publishing and creating a long-term career in the music industry. Mi-Stro, derived from the English word, “maestro” is the standard we live by – to always set ourselves apart from everyone else in any sphere. We always strive to be the best at everything we do, to master the art of music and more. Q: Why did you come up with the record label? A: Primarily because we love music. Beyond that fact, the aim with Mi-Stro Records was to empower talented youth, challenge injustice to artists in the industry, and enable them more opportunity to be seen and heard. We wanted to do this by providing them with quality services and support, ultimately leading them to reach their full potential and compete at the highest level in the music business. Q: Who are the main stakeholders of the business and how have you separated your roles? A: Nkululeko and Waheed. Our roles have been very much the same along the building process as it has enabled us to balance between each other. There’s not much we cannot do as we’ve both worked from ground level for a very long time. We now work with a dedicated team of people with very specific roles, that are able to carry out tasks and operations on a day to day basis. Q: What are some of the challenges that you’ve encountered as an independent record company? A: The biggest challenge was always financial. When you start, raising capital is not the easiest, especially when your brand is very small and inexperienced. Over time we learned that investing in our own brand would be very key to encouraging other investors to doing the same. Managing artists meant managing people, and that had its challenges as well, which we are now very thankful for because we’ve overcome them and we’re able to use that experience for the betterment of our Record Label. Q: What are some of the goals or milestones that you have achieved since the establishment of the record company? A: We’ve built a recognizable brand with a strong presence in the industry for the youth, and we’re showing that they can compete at a high level. We’ve established a structured label with young talented artists, DJs, producers, photographers, directors, cinematographers, A&R and PR. We’ve also had artists nominated in South African awards, and more will surely follow. Q: What is the current typical structure of a record deal? A: Most industry record deals consist of what is known to be a 360 deal, where the artists are usually offered an advance with the expectation of them delivering specifics from that. We work differently from that. Q: What sort of relationships can an artist or indie label establish with a major record company? A: There are various beneficial options artists/indie labels can take up with majors. It is always dependent on the strengths of an artist/indie label. For instance, building a relationship takes time. It takes even longer to build multiple relationships in multiple areas that are geographically outside of your reach. Major labels have a global network which artists and labels can benefit from in the areas of distribution and/or marketing. There are more services such as licensing and publishing that both parties can collaborate with. Q: How do you aim to change the current state of the record deals or music industry? A: We are very transparent in the way we work, and we structure our agreements in a way that is beneficial for both parties. Objectives from both parties are a very key part of our agreements as we believe in progression and growth for both the business, and the art. Q: What would be your typical advice to an up and coming artist that interested in taking their music career to the next level? Or what should artists look out for before signing any type of a record deal? A: The most important thing as an artist is establishing yourself as a brand first before putting yourself out there. You may be very talented musically; however, you also need to set yourself apart by branding yourself. Like with any presentation, you must look the part before people decide to hear you out. When it comes to record deals, always have an advisor with a legal background to assist with the breakdown of the agreement so you’re fully aware of expectations. Q: Where do you see the music industry (global and local) in the next 3-5 years? And what would be your role in this change? A: Music is an essential part of our lives and it will continue to be so in future. This means there will always be a demand for it, and the industry will continue to meet those demands. With the evolution of technology (such as digital streaming platforms, and Internet of Things), the accessibility of music is much easier on demand, and less reliant on commercial platforms such as television and radio. Internet is taking over the new generation of music listeners and we are already a part of the movement, housing artists with a fanbase that is very “internet driven”. We aim to continue embracing this change and still grow a strong presence in the commercial space as well. Globally we see a lot more international collaborations in both the musical and business areas. This means a lot of growth and appreciation all over the world for the African culture and sound. Website: www.mistrorecords.com YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCjjZe-jWEfvYprkCHAseSOg Twitter: twitter.com/MiStroRecords Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiStroRecords Instagram: www.instagram.com/mistrorecords
  • History of Gomora, Alexandra Through Music

    A mixtape comprising of 11 tracks released by RICHI RICH on the 10 May 2018. In this project RICHI RICH was influenced by the quality and flair of the North God and the new age kwaito sounds by Suup Zulu, Okmalumkookat along the likes of Spikiri and TheGoodDokta. With this project he intended to narrate the side of the historic township of Alexandra that is not publicized. With hoody and trendy choruses, high pitched melodies on Trap, Kwaito and House beats, courting verses and party anthems. This project clearly caters for an array of listeners in the South Africa. RICHI RICH is known for his previous projects such as Gfunkera, Ghetto Fabulous, Artrap EP and hopes this project helps him draw a larger audience. In this project he worked with a few producers that helped him cultivate his own sound, he claims this project to be something new, fresh, exciting and apparently not everyone can achieve what he do with this project. He worked with the likes of Suup Zulu, DJHotplay (PNBEATS), Hip-Naughtic Sean, QupeeDeSoul and Zamssh to carve this new sound. RICHI RICH feels that South Africa and the world at large needs to hear something fresh, new and exciting, hence the drop!!! Links: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-512327706/sets/northgomora-mixtape @richirichworld1 on every social media platform.
  • Content Creators: Q&A with Andile Mathobela

    Q: How would you define self-distribution? A: I would define self-distribution as a unique way of disseminating content without using traditional forms of marketing, especially if you’re an independent content creator without budget. When we started zkhiphani.com, we were three broke students and we had to come up with creative ways of pushing the zkhiphani brand, so, we resorted to guerrilla marketing. We went to events and took pictures of young people, we gave them the “to view your photo” promo cards and encouraged them to go download their pictures on the website, it worked like crazy, zkhiphani became a household name in a few months. Q: Why did you establish or start your content platform? A: Back in 2009, there was no platform that created 100 percent South African content, we wanted to change that, more importantly, we wanted to create a digital platform for the youth by youth, it was about time that young black South Africans started telling their stories through their own mediums and we wanted to be the generation that started that revolution. Q: How did you prepare for this venture? A: I studied media and journalism. Q: What was required for you to establish the platform? Take us through the process. A: I had to understand how the digital world worked, with my journalism background, I approached two other like minded students (Ally Fathana and Bonga Mpungose) who had a brand agency and I asked them to design an online magazine for me and we entered into a partnership. Together, we built the website and launched, and the rest is history. Q: How important is research throughout the various phases? Beginning to Growth Level. A: In the beginning, I would say, research the basics on how to start the business and how to keep it going, that’s all. Do more research as you go through different levels, because, I feel, too much research discourages many people to start their journey because too much information exposes you to how hard it really is to start something from scracth, but if you take it step by step, it doesn’t seem like it’s a mission and a half, take it easy, I feel. Q: Do you need to be passionate about the subject matter of your platform? And why? A: Yeah I think its pivotal to be passionate about the subject matter of your platform because that will keep you going when you aren’t making money, platforms take forever to make profti, but if you enjoy what you are doing then it doesn’t feel like a job therefore you won’t be tempted to quit. It should be fun to create content, if it isn’t then stop what you’re doing and focus on something that excites you, I mean look, zkhiphani is a youth platform and we cover entertatinment news and we get most of our content from events, so we basically party for a living, I can never get tired of that, never. Q: How do you make sure that your platform stands out from anything else that’s on the Internet? A: To be honest, we didn’t think too hard when we were doing our branding, we just did what we felt was appropriate and real at that moment and the branding was born, our corporate identiy has red, black and white, if you are a young black South African, those colours speak to you because they are relatable. Also, our tone is just different, our articles are written in a specific manner, so is our photos and videos, our tonality is uniquely South African, We just have that thing man, the trick is to be yourself. Q: What are some of your favourite content platforms? A: I don’t fucking with nothing else besides zkhiphani to be honest with you. Q: Most people use YouTube as a means of distribution, how can one take advantage of this platform to gain content views or eyeballs? A: Use YouTube as a marketing tool to drive eyeballs to your platform, if you rely entirely on YouTube as a means of distribution, what will you do if let’s say they one day decide to shut down their company? Don’t play yourself. Q: What tools can people use to make sure that they nail the branding part of their platforms? A: There are many tools to mention, the most powerful tool for me is google, just google: What tools to use to nail branding on my platform. Thank me later. Q: What platforms or channel references that you can give to our audience to look at? A: www.zkhiphani.com Q: What is your understanding of content monetization in the content creation space? A: There are many forms of content monetization: Banners, Google Ads, Branded Content, PR and AD Agency campaigns, programmatic sales networks etc Q: What do creators or beginners need to consider in order to be suitable for monetization?   A: You need to curate special content for a specific audience that no other publication can cater for, brands will pay you money to get to an audience that only you have access to. Be unique. Q: Have you monetized any of your content? If so, how did you position your platform for monetization? A: Yeah! We create content for the broad South African youth, nobody is doing that on our scale locally, that is why brands trust us with their budgets. Q: What are the different ways of monetizing your content? A: Branded content and PR/AD Agency Campaigns. Q: In the content creation space, what do advertisers look for? From a content perspective as well as business.  A: Originality Q: How much can you charge advertisers? And how do you determine this?  A: It all depends on your reach and unique product offering.        

    DJ Sbu also known as Sbusiso Leope has partnered with the 3Sixty Financial Services Group (360 FSG) to positively impact thousands of young lives and families in South Africa with his own school, a learning academy. Aptly titled The Hustlers Academy. Leope intends to develop the minds and the ability of thousands of young hustlers in the country and change lives.

    The Hustlers Academy is an independent privately funded economic empowerment project spearheaded by Leope to address the overwhelming lack of jobs and incumbent graduates into the system on an annual basis. The 360 FSG is a well-established financial services company with a disruptive strategy that offers clients more benefits for their rand. The partnership represents a meeting of the minds and the hearts for the development of opportunities for young South Africans.

    “We will train and educate young hustlers to either be entrepreneurs or corporate hustlers. Our training programme and academy curriculum will produce the best sales force this country has seen and develop the minds of Hustlers to understand how the world works and how to stand out. In partnership with 360 FSG we will develop entrepreneurs who start businesses and employ teams of hustlers within an 18-month period. ‘The Hustlers Academy’ will take in Hustlers for training nationally in multiple provinces providing a practical and theoretical intervention in the lives of those who are skilled and restless.” Said Leope.

    Group CEO and Chairman of 360 FSG, Mr. Khandani Msibi is confident that ‘The Hustlers Academy’ will play a game-changing role in developing and changing the way corporates are structured in providing a ceiling for employees as far as earnings are concerned.

    “Our approach to empowerment is based on sustainability for the Hustlers who make it through the academy. We will develop people mentally as well as financially and make a serious change in their socio economic position. DJ Sbu has the potential to influence a generation and he shows this on a daily basis with his determination to succeed. We are matching his determination and passion for economic empowerment with our backing of the ‘The Hustlers Academy’ project. We look forward to changing thousands of lives with a long term impact.” Said Mr. Msibi

    ‘The Hustlers Academy’ is active and running a pilot group of Hustlers through its programme in Johannesburg. The academy welcomes registrations on its webapp www.hustlersacademy.co.za. Starting from 1st June 2018 The Hustlers Academy will be taking in 50 – 100 hustlers per month.

    Leope goes on to say. “In 2013 we started an educational company called Leadership 2020 which was designed to develop Africa’s richest asset – its people. I’m excited that we are able to realize our vision before the year 2020 with the launch of this initiative. ‘The Hustlers Academy’ will grow to add multiple courses, mentorship, and accreditations and even lead people to formal education if they so wish. This academy will make a tangible socio – economic difference in young South African lives. ‘The Hustlers Academy’ has no registration fees and requires no learning fees. It requires you, your time, your commitment and there’s #NOVILAPHING  – Lazy people will not make it.”

    Registrations are online atwww.hustlersacademy.co.za

  • Call For Applications – The Internship

    6-Month Video Production Internship at BlackNation Video Network and Academy of Television & Screen Arts, supported by the National Film & Video Foundation.

    We are seeking Graduates from 1-year Higher Certificate, 3-year Diploma or Degree programmes in Film & Television, Graphic Design, Multimedia, and related arts programmes for an intensive 6-month internship. The deadline for applications is 23 May, and successful applicants will be announced by 25 May to start on 4 June 2018. Outcomes:
    1. Understanding of full Video Production value chain and specific professional roles
    2. Honing of specific skills in a chosen field at professional level
    3. Building professional relationships across industry partners
    4. Learning how to present yourself to the industry
    5. Developing a good work ethic and self management skills
    6. Understanding of socially aware media practice and ethics
    Duration and Hours: The internship will run from 4 June to 30 November 2018. Interns will be required for an average minimum of 24 hours per week. Each project will have its own schedule and may include weekends, late nights and early mornings. Full attendance is required.
    Stipend: A stipend of R4,000 per month will be paid to interns, provided full attendance and participation is met. Placement: We aim to place all participants in professional working positions in our industry within 6 months of the completion of the internship. Placement is not guaranteed, and will depend on the performance of the intern. Proficiencies: We are seeking graduates to fill the following positions / departments:
    • Camera and Sound
    • Editing
    • Production Management
    • Visual Design / Motion Graphics
    Age: Applicants must be between 20-25 years of age. Qualifications:
    1-year Higher Certificate, 3-year Diploma or Degree qualification in Film & Television, Graphic Design, Multimedia, and related arts programmes. Location: Applicants need to reside in Gauteng and have easy access to Auckland Park and Braamfontein. Application: To apply for the BlackNation Video Network and Academy of Television & Screen Arts Internship, fill in the attached application form or download it via the link below, and send a signed, scanned copy to: videointern2018@gmail.com. Attach all of the required documents listed on the application form. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Only short listed applicants will be contacted. The deadline for applications is 23 May, and successful applicants will be announced by 25 May to start on 4 June 2018.
    Download the application form here: https://goo.gl/NMHf3Q Training Partners:
    This Internship is run by BlackNation Video Network (BNVN) as the Employer, with Academy of Television & Screen Arts (ATV) as the Training Provider, with funding from the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF). More info on our partners via the links below: www.blacknation.co.za https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjPjddYIkktt99nkQn1sXGw www.ase.co.za https://www.facebook.com/AcademyofTVandScreenArts/ www.nfvf.co.za Contact Please address all queries via email to videointern2018@gmail.com

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