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  • Subterrâneo Records presents Impepho, a new single by Trap Funk & Alivio featuring Morena Leraba and Mankind

    Impepho Cover
    Following the release of their first single Lithebera, Morena Leraba’s collaboration with Brooklyn-based producer Kashaka has opened other doors, leading to another collaboration where he’s featured together with Mankind, from Johannesburg South Africa on a new single, Impepho (meaning incense in Zulu language) by Trap Funk & Alivio from Salvador, Brazil. Impepho, an inter-continental collaboration between artists from South America and Africa, was produced in Salvador, Brazil, recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa and mastered in Brooklyn, New York, and features on a new album, Armadilha, by Trap Funk & Alivio. The collaboration is an initiative of Subterrâneo Records, an independent label based in Brazil, as they were looking for potential features for their upcoming projects and Kashaka (from Off-Record Music in Brooklyn), having worked with Morena Leraba previously, introduced the Lesotho-based rapper. Felipe Pomar and Frederico Santana, having a common taste in music, formed Subterrâneo Records in 2003. “Their idea was that of putting together a music production label, a space where artists would meet for the will to make music without commercial confines and free from the pressure of the music market. Thus, Subterrâneo Records appeared,” says Pomar. Morena Leraba and Mankind paths met at J&B Hive in Johannesburg, South Africa during a documentary screening, “Morena Leraba: Blending Our Stories with Modern Sounds” by Blacknation Video Network (BNVN), where they both performed. “Mankind opened the stage for me in Johannesburg. I listened to his music when Thulasizwe Similane of Blacknation Media was in Lesotho to shoot his film on my music and our lifestyle as shepherds. I was charmed by his music and energy.” “However, seeing perform live was something else and after the event, we decided to collaborate with the group from Brazil,” Morena Leraba states. Mankind, whose real name is Tswelopele Tsotetsi, is an upcoming rapper from Emalahleni, formerly known as Witbank in South Africa. He became the icebreaker of Blacknation Music after his then manager Thulasizwe Similani noticed his talent and energy. Currently the rapper is making waves in Johannesburg and across Africa. “We started that in 2013, which is when we work on my first project, Give me the Tender. It was a 5 track EP. It was well received online too. That’s how it all began,” says Mankind. “My collaboration with Trap Funk & Alivio and Morena Leraba actually opened my eyes and I realized we can merge our creativity even if we’re from different backgrounds. We can literally unite the world through music,” he adds. According to Pomar, Impepho is actually a beginning; hence, going to further other collaborations with Morena Leraba and Mankind in the future and as a group, Trap Funk & Alivio is planning to come to South Africa. Mankind’s upcoming collaborations include Stilo Magolide, Palm Tree Paradise and Gemini Rudebouy Major. He joined Stilo on his “Tropicana Tours” in 2016 and he recorded his upcoming album with the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town. Morena Leraba’s future projects include features with DJ Spoko and Andre Geldenhuys (from BeatLords). He’s also featured on Spoek Mathambo’s upcoming album. Other possible collaborations include Zetina Mosia and FAKA, artists from South Africa. Morena Leraba’s EP with Kashaka is also underway and will be released soon.

    Mankind SA
    MANKIND, Blacknation Music artist flew down to Cape Town to record few tracks at the Red Bull Studios, “Living Messiah” is the new single from the project that is dropping 2017. Please listen and give feedback. #BlacknationMusic #MankindMelodies

    Mankind SA
    Mankind Blacknation Music Artist Explains The New Single “Living Messiah” and going through Depression.
  • Kendrick Lamar New Album Is A Poetic Revelation!

    I logged onto social media and the buzz, the hype, it was lit lit. The #DAMN hashtag kept popping up on my timeline and I kept thinking to myself “I need to hear this album!” The first time I listened to it, I thought to myself, am I ready for the psychological chest-pains? Am I ready to experience the realness of this thing called life? Kendrick Lamar deconstructed what is called “Life Theory” he rapped about love, life and everything else in the system. His songs unlock a conscious part of your mind, it forces you to dive deeper into a place of questioning everything that happens around and to you. It’s more than just lyrics that were thrown onto a beat. There an extension of story-telling songs that unravel raw emotions that, speak into your soul. The greatest thing about this album is that it makes you relate to every emotion he raps about with a level of feeling comfortable. The fact that he is so open about certain topics makes his music have a human interest “element”. Excuse the pun. Songs like Dna, Element, Feel, Pride, make us question what our thoughts are consumed by. ‘Fear’ is the kind of song that dives into places that are hidden within ourselves because we are scared of being judged, even though we face these issues on a daily. Then there are songs like Love, lust, loyalty that make us uncomfortable because there is some sense of truth in each song, a truth that we would rather deny. Whether itis admitting that it was just lust and not love or it was love that turned into lust and what are we truly loyal to in our lives? I wouldn’t call this just an album, I will actually like to think that it is a poetic revelation that allows Hip-Hop music to transition, into a higher level. This album should honestly motivate more artists to dig deep and tell us their truth through their music. Written by @sasamotale
  • Mankind Drops New Track!

    SONG - ART WORK (1)
    Mankind grew up in Standerton, a small town in Mpumalanga where he began smashing drums every Sunday at a local church around the age of 13. While showcasing his new found talent in artistry, he would also recite poetry in front of various audiences. Somehow the musical bug could not let go of him. For him, music has always been something that has inspired him to push in life and it has gotten him through some of the most difficult moments in his life. With a music flare and a hard hit hitting sound, it seems like Mankind is on a roll. He will be dropping his first ever album in June this year, following his recent EP titled ‘Give Dat Tenda’ which was dropped in June 2014. IMAGE 5 His new album will feature tracks like “Living Messiah” where he explores the concept of the living God through word and sound. ‘Living Messiah’ gives an insight to a very depressing phase in his life and the challenges he had to face and overcome. The song gives hope to the hopeless and depressed while it emphases the power of God. Although this is not where it ends, Mankind has decided to bless his fans with his track titled “Iso liwela umfula ugcwele”  which is a Zulu proverb “The eye crosses the full river” which is a beautiful metaphor that means a desire goes beyond the possible. Listen below and let us know what you think of the song

    Mankind SA
    Watch Mankind Interview at VOW FM (Voice of Wits) talks about collaboration with Stilo Magolide, Gemini Rudebouy Major and new single “Living Messiah”
  • Mankind Performing Live at Skyline Club

    Mankind SA
    Check what went down this past week at Skyline during Mankind performance with Stilo Magolide. Much love and respect to big bro Tropicana JIIG. Blacknation Music is coming for everything 2017.

    Stilo Magolide
    Stilo Magolide​ Talks Working With Mankind, The Blacknation Music Artist. PHOTO: Youth Village

    Mbe Mbhele
    Mbe Mbhele​ got expelled at Wits University and wrote a book “Crazy father and other very short lies” We spoke about Education, Politics and #FeesMustFall PHOTO: Wits Vuvuzela

    Palm Tree Paradise
    Palm Tree Paradise is a South African hip hop music group consisting of six members. They all originate from Durban, the capital city of KwaZulu-Natal. They are most known for major debut single “Unbelievable”

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