Getting To Know, Palm Tree Paradise

What is the first thing you think about when you visualize the beauty and grandeur of the City of Durban? Yes! You got it, Palm Trees. The collective of 6 individual artists joined forces to create the group known as Palm Tree Paradise in December 2015. Members include rappers, JayBee, Axsion, P.Dogg Amazing, Sydrow, singer & songwriter Captain Hook and singer, songwriter and producer Row Shotgun, who together have created an art experiment which provides for the ear the same beauty the City of Durban provides for the eye.


The #PalmTreeParadise is a sonic Hip-Hop masterpiece produced by Row (executive producer) who’s beats and melodies provide the canvas for these young Durban renaissance Hip-Hop artists to paint a musical masterpiece of epic proportions. Every track on this tape is a hit and guaranteed to provide the dedicated listener of Hip-Hop and Rap an enticing experience track after track. We could go on about the exquisite flow delivery and conceptualizing every artist contributes to this tape, but we will simply let you have your own peak into the future of South African and African Rap/ Hip-Hop as you are serenaded by the sounds of the #palmtreeparadise EP.

Music is an universal language that almost anyone can relate to. It allows different people from different parts of life to communicate through this medium. Palm Tree Paradise has introduced us to music that you can listen to and still feel good. This group is innovative and their sound is electric, in the way it draws you in. The diversity from the individuals and their creative energy is what makes their music stand out. Whenever they perform on stage, they bring their all. Now if you are wondering who are they? and what are they all about? no need to stress, check out their video below and get to know their musical journey and what they have in-store for us.

Written by @sasamotale