Getting To Know The Man Behind The Camera: Ben Moyo

Written by Nomsa Motale

1.Can you tell us more about yourself? Who is Ben Moyo?

“I’m a Zimbabwean born freelance photographer & Digital content creator based in Johannesburg”

2.What inspired you to take this journey into photography?

“I was introduced to photography at the age of 13 and ever since then my interest for, photography has grown. It took a while for me to follow this path because I did not have access to photography equipment.”

3.What are some of the challenges of being an artist and documenting fashion?

“I think the main challenge is finances to purchase photography equipment. As a start -up Photographer it takes a while until you can afford to buy good equipment.”

4.What sets you apart from every photographer out there?

“I believe I different eye, I’ve stuck to the same way if doing things since I started. Its quite difficult to set yourself apart in an industry that’s as saturated as ours but if you find your “thing” and you stick to it that definitely sets you apart.”

5.Do you prefer being a freelancer or an in-house photographer?

“I prefer being a freelancer because I can make my own rules, build my brand and be myself without anyone wanting to change me.”

6.What advice do you have for all the photographers who are aspiring to get their work out there?

“I always say as a beginner you need to find your voice and what you love photographing and work at being better at it. Be yourself, there are too many photographers as it is, for you to wanna be someone else.”

7.Do you think there are enough creatives who are collaborating with each other and if not, what do you think is the problem?

“I think we could do more in terms of collaborations, we have this entitlement issue with our ideas and resources not knowing we could grow if we have someone to partner”

8.Where do you see photography heading to in South Africa in the next 3 years?

“I see it growing bigger than it now, I see more people being able to sustain themselves with just being a photographer which is quite a difficult thing to do right now.”