History of Gomora, Alexandra Through Music

A mixtape comprising of 11 tracks released by RICHI RICH on the 10 May 2018. In this project RICHI RICH was influenced by the quality and flair of the North God and the new age kwaito sounds by Suup Zulu, Okmalumkookat along the likes of Spikiri and TheGoodDokta.

With this project he intended to narrate the side of the historic township of Alexandra that is not publicized. With hoody and trendy choruses, high pitched melodies on Trap, Kwaito and House beats, courting verses and party anthems.

This project clearly caters for an array of listeners in the South Africa. RICHI RICH is known for his previous projects such as Gfunkera, Ghetto Fabulous, Artrap EP and hopes this project helps him draw a larger audience.

In this project he worked with a few producers that helped him cultivate his own sound, he claims this project to be something new, fresh, exciting and apparently not everyone can achieve what he do with this project. He worked with the likes of Suup Zulu, DJHotplay (PNBEATS), Hip-Naughtic Sean, QupeeDeSoul and Zamssh to carve this new sound.

RICHI RICH feels that South Africa and the world at large needs to hear something fresh, new and exciting, hence the drop!!!


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