Jameson Winner: Morena Leraba x Mankind x Trap Funk & Alivio: IMPEPHO

Sine Metu‘ meaning ‘Without Fear’ is the Jameson family motto, awarded for their bravery in battling pirates back in the 1500s. This motto was the inspiration for John’s move to Dublin to make his mark (and his whiskey).

WITHOUT FEAR – Instilled within his being; Mankind; our very own Blacknation Music artist teamed up with the Brazilians Trap Funk & Alivio the Lesotho musical shepherd Morena Leraba to produce an intercontinental sound that leaves everybody in awe. It has always been our vision at Blacknation to align ourselves and collaborate with winners – only winners and this announcement serves to ascertain just that.



It is the creative brilliance of Carl Houston Mc Millan that produced the winning visuals for the


The video is a visual exploration and celebration of Basotho shepherd culture in the highlands of Lesotho pairing and slightly it with the ever-evolving hip-hop street culture of a Johannesburg based trend setter.

To be shot on location, the music video will take us to the heart of Lesotho, where the sun rises to reveal a barren mountainous landscape. On this particular day, a clay hut is burning. Smoke peels out. Flames erupt. A group of Basotho shepherds watch, proudly. They’re dressed in signature grey blankets, customised balaclavas, handmade jewellery. Some are holding dogs, others have livestock on their shoulders.

Then the shepherds head to a dirt racing track. Against this surreal mountain backdrop, a local horse race is about to start. More and more shepherds gather in the icy wind. Money is being passed around, bets are being placed. Horses are checked; teeth, hooves, legs. Jockeys get ready. They line up. The atmosphere intensifies.

The signal goes. A thunderous sound. Muscles bulge, there’s dust everywhere. The shepherds cheer, walking sticks raised in celebration.

As the sun sets and the sky turns pink the shepherds find a tavern, where a group of flashy visitors from the city arrive. They seem out of place, territorial. A dance battle ensues. The visitors perform series of energetic break dance moves. Unimpressed, the shepherds respond with a traditional Sesotho dance. They simply move their chests to the beat, majestically. Thump, thump.


Exploring the tensions between rural and urban, traditional and modern, African and Western, the music video will offer a refreshing and honest look into an authentically African subculture that’s seemingly survived external influences.

We look forward to working with this wonderful crew of winners to bring this concept to life, more so to watch the world receives it.d