Johannesburg hosted hackathon

J&B Hackathon Info pack8Friday evening and the work week ended with much anticipation for a long weekend. The things working people look forward to but this weekend had a little extra for the people committed to doing more than just work.

The J&B Hive Hackathon happened throughout the course of the weekend, sporting young creatives with a desire to accomplish as much as they could in the three days.

Arriving at 44Stanley, bag and laptop in hand, I mounted the three floors to be met with a lounge mix of something like soul selections, nervous individuals bounded in groups of two or three greeting and conversing with one another. You could tell by the way their attention flew to the door with every new face that there was an expectancy about the air. Every creative wanted to get introduced to someone new, someone with a discipline uniquely theirs and a mutual respect for the hustle.

The first evening commenced with the brief and presentations from the individual creatives on their ideas and mechanisms for The J&B Hive. Two minutes was given to each person, the ideas going from mini websites to overall campaigns, influencers and gamification took the stage, voting came after where upon two groups for two ideas were chosen.

With the eve of the previous day a flurry of faces ideas and consulting, day two was about constructing. The teams had stationary to the envy of any doodle freak. Though the stage was set for a fun time, every team was involved in the process of delegating and making coherent sense of their ideas. To introduce themselves and their awesome abilities the teams took over the social media pages of The Hive. One of theĀ teams going so far as to create their own twitter handle, the way creatives do. Andrew and Trevor, J&B Hives founding fathers, were put to the task too on these days offering direction and guidance according to the brand persona and mission.

The third day and final day of working on the projects saw a flurry of activity. One of the groups were met with a member dropping out, one of the groups had troubles with the formation of their idea and the protection of intellectual property. A workshop was hosted sporting the principles of business used by all the partners of the Hackathon. This workshop gave a guideline for the pitching of the ideas and structural back bones for the business mechanics. Not to forget the flurry of multimedia activity which has come to be expected from The Hive that involved photoshoots, interviews, live tweeting and streaming.

The Hackathon groups presented their ideas to the deliberation of the London partners.
To see the proceedings visit The J&B HiveĀ social media pages.

Monday, Workers Day was all about celebrating the Hackathon. With a braai and cocktails that followed us through the whole weekend, the evening was one of true acknowledgment of the necessary moves we as young South Africans need to make to be represented in the brands we consume. How well does the brand know you and how well have they thus met your needs. It is the work of all of us to bring about the elements of our culture into our everyday lives and we applaud J&B Hive for their contribution towards this.