The Tale Behind Joseph Philemon Dropping EP “Progression”

Originally from Cape Town and currently based in the east side of Johannesburg, where he moved to straight after high school, Joseph Philemon’s influence to his latest EP release, with the hit John Lennon, is to keep in touch with those who are eager to learn of how people deal with life differently through redirecting their experiences to a message and that message being able to be found in music. The message being genuine to yourself and trust in small beginnings as one does not necessarily need a record label to start his musical journey, a smartphone can enable things for you to achieve big. Also, the effort and vitality of a team that believes in you is everything, the willingness to push boundaries. 

As most artist’s genre, style, voice even fashion would be influenced by the ones that were before them, Joseph Philemon believes that inspiration does not necessarily build on influence or rather sound, as he would listen to a variety of artists. The elements he would want to add in his music are more towards the self, all up to him, as he would like to create his own voice in the New Wave music, not what the next person is doing or saying.  

He loves the New Wave music not only as he is in it, but the level of growth it brings towards the type of art in music he wants, exciting and refreshing. New Wave music allows him to create his own type of feel and vibe. Creativity does not have to describe your craft but consistency rather as it is when you are dedicated to your work that you would want to create something. However, it is not everyone who can achieve than nor believe in it, as many people would wait for creativity to come first than them creating room for it. As each person processes differently, it is vital to establish your own voice when creating music. 

Johannesburg is a concrete jungle, Game of thrones, as he would define moving from Cape Town, alone and with a dream that most would leave in secure spaces, coming from a musical family. In Cape Town they are more kind with it than here in Jo’burg. You got to keep on doing you and pushing through, as you might get discouraged. No pity parties will be thrown at you, young as you are, you got to keep the wheel rolling. In creating opportunities or collaborations, he prefers to rather let things happen naturally than foster relationships or grounds. 

Navigating to progression as an artist is what inspired him to move from Cape Town as he is the only family member in the Big City. Believing in yourself is very important especially when venturing into a world that many aspirers fear to tap into. His new hair colour is a motivation that when the sky is blue, you create your own rainbow and he chose pink. His music is available on SoundCloud, on social media he is on Facebook and Twitter. Never smell the bottom, be driven and go to the rooftop.