Kendrick Lamar New Album Is A Poetic Revelation!

Written by Nomsa Motale

I logged onto social media and the buzz, the hype, it was lit lit. The #DAMN hashtag kept popping up on my timeline and I kept thinking to myself “I need to hear this album!” The first time I listened to it, I thought to myself, am I ready for the psychological chest-pains? Am I ready to experience the realness of this thing called life?

Kendrick Lamar deconstructed what is called “Life Theory” he rapped about love, life and everything else in the system. His songs unlock a conscious part of your mind, it forces you to dive deeper into a place of questioning everything that happens around and to you.

It’s more than just lyrics that were thrown onto a beat. There an extension of story-telling songs that unravel raw emotions that, speak into your soul. The greatest thing about this album is that it makes you relate to every emotion he raps about with a level of feeling comfortable. The fact that he is so open about certain topics makes his music have a human interest “element”. Excuse the pun.

Songs like Dna, Element, Feel, Pride, make us question what our thoughts are consumed by. ‘Fear’ is the kind of song that dives into places that are hidden within ourselves because we are scared of being judged, even though we face these issues on a daily.

Then there are songs like Love, lust, loyalty that make us uncomfortable because there is some sense of truth in each song, a truth that we would rather deny. Whether itis admitting that it was just lust and not love or it was love that turned into lust and what are we truly loyal to in our lives?

I wouldn’t call this just an album, I will actually like to think that it is a poetic revelation that allows Hip-Hop music to transition, into a higher level. This album should honestly motivate more artists to dig deep and tell us their truth through their music.

Written by @sasamotale