KFC Unlocks SoundBite!

Written by Nomsa Motale

Music has the power to influence and change a person’s mood and thought pattern. Over the years, music has been used as a medium that communicates with different people in various ways. It is an art medium that has been constant, its power has evoked emotions, memories and so much more.

A lot of upcoming musicians struggle with the same thing, they have struggled to find a way to get their music onto proper platforms, it’s difficult when there are a lot of people in the same industry who want the same-things, those things being recognition, great management and exposure to the correct places.

KFC SoundBite is all about giving young and upcoming musicians, artists, a space to create and share their music with diverse people. How it works, is that KFC SoundBite will allow musicians to upload their music on the KFC SoundBite website. Then different people will be able to log onto the site and listen to the different musicians whilst enjoying a KFC meal. This is great for musicians because they will be able to share links of their uploaded music to friends on social media platforms, they are able to receive feedback and have pro-active communication with their fans. 
Record labels who are also on the look-out for fresh and new talent will have a choice as to which musicians they would love to sign up, just from hearing them from the KFC SoundBite website. This means that musicians will benefit from having a platform which allows them to be discovered.

This means that a lot the creative industry, because there will be more collabs, more ways of giving talented people a chance to get themselves out there. This is a digital shift that KFC has ventured into. New media is definitely, in its own way taking over and ideas and concepts like KFC SoundBite its clear to see that technology and social media have reached a level of being unpredictable and that is exactly what is needed.