We recently got to chat to Lasta about the video release to her single – Alive
“My silence has been due to various reasons, I am not just a musician but also a filmmaker I have been busy with a few projects in Film.”
Lasta is no stranger to the politics of  the South African music industry; she too has struggled to get her single – Alive submitted to Commercial radio stations. She’s been receiving so much support from Online and Indie stations from all over the world though; this only proves that talent lives beyond borders.
“Music has been a passion my whole life but I never had an actual plan until I joined Neo Revolt” Working with Freddie van Dango gave her the inspiration to want to develop her own sound and the inspiration has been going from strength to strength.
Since parting ways with Neo Revolt her style has been to recreate her own version of Neo Electronica sounds infused with some Zulu flavour. It has been a challenge but she has been consistently working on the music.
“I see myself as an audio visual artist, the plan is to exhibit the project as audio visual.”
Getting into the music industry she told us how she couldn’t anticipate how it would be as a professional musician and she doesn’t have any formal music background so she learned a lot by making this happen for yourself.
“We released the Video for Alive after some time since the single release because I work with a great team of perfectionist just like me. I am in a studio at the moment completing the project.”
She and her team will be dropping the second single Jumjanji very soon, “it will be a refreshing surprise for my listeners, as it is very different to Alive”