Mankind Drops New Video “Living Messiah”

Mankind Born Tswelopele Tsotetsi in Emalahleni, formerly known as Witbank is dropping his first ever Album. His recent EP titled “Give Dat Tenda” which was dropped in June 2014. The content in his last EP (Give Dat Tenda) displayed a fountain of wisdom and memories of his life experiences as well as knowledge.

The EP featured tracks like Tony Yengeni; an ear enticement covering real social issues within the global society, real matters that people normally turn a blind eye to and the society does this through kindness or as an act of humanity.

Mankind grew up in Standerton, a small town in Mpumalanga where he began smashing drums every Sunday at a local church around the age of 13. While showcasing His new found talent in artistry, He would also recite poetry in front of various audiences. Now at age 25, He has only managed to work with His older brother to get through His first year of study in Journalism.  Music has always been a big and vital part of His Township, sometimes poverty stricken life. Another aspect to it is that His father was a religious follower of the Jazz sound and this led to a great influence on His exquisite taste in music. Certain about God’s existence, Mankind preaches greatness and shares on what He has seen, heard and believes to be.

His new album will feature tracks like “Living Messiah” where He explores the concept of the living God through word and sound. ’’Living Messiah’’ gives an insight to a very depressing phase in His life. He had to face and overcome. The song gives hope to the hopeless and depressed while it emphases the power of God.

Songs like ‘’Iso liwel’ umful’ ugcwele’’ which is taken from a Zulu proverb meaning, ’’The eye crosses the full river ‘’ which is a beautiful metaphor that means’’ A desire goes beyond the possible’’. Thus far, Mankind is only concerned about making real and positive change with His music, affect people in some way which stems from the irresponsible role that most artists have assumed as messengers.  His last words, GOD EXISTS!

Mankind recently dropped his new music video titled “Living Messiah”. The music video was influenced by a very dark place that Mankind went through, it highlights conquering and overcoming depression and life struggles in general. It motivates whoever listening and gives hope to the hopeless.

Mankind expresses his vulnerability and states how he felt. “Should you confuse, my light in my sight. Everyone’s light is inside. You’ll know your fight. The vision is to keep moving Tswelopele I did it, still doing it all for my family, and that is my fight.”, said Mankind.

“A Man of He’s Father’s kind. The same man: Mankga Lefura nama ele seko While every man is trying to eat. A true Living Messiah, from being stuck. Living the broken life of a troubled artist, to serving another. Last Supper
Courtesy of his Father above. Write him off as Jesus to the 21st century artist”