Not GST(Just) Another Crew

The Film and TV industry has been deemed a patriarchal epitome in the past decade when it comes to being behind the scenes. Roles such as Producer, Cinematographer, Video Editor, Content Creator and the likes, are most of them that are still lacking female representation though there’s a gradual increase in the past few years. As part of an influence to the increase, BlackNation Video Network in partnership with Academy of Television (ATV) and National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) invited film and TV graduates into an internship and 5 girls were chosen.


With having chosen those five girls, they teamed up to form an identity and the name was found, GST. GST (pronounced Just) is a film and TV initiative consisting of young female filmmakers who are on the journey to break patriarchal stereotypes. The name was formed in the light of the first letters of each of the interns.


First we have Goitsemang ‘Go_Itse’ Mvula, Content Creator, born and bred in Soweto, who loves the art of storytelling and the mind behind it. Fell in love with the creative spaces from an early age of 8. As a storyteller, she believes that people haven’t been to the mind of a story of an African child, just the story itself. With having being exposed to writing from an early age and also having read works of the renowned writers and believe that most people are just exposed to what they want to be exposed to or rather ignorant to the source, the mind.


Next, we have Sinenhlanhla ‘Sne’ Khomo, Production Manager, a creative at heart all the way from Durban, KwaMakhutha. Having fell in love with art spaces from a young age, she believe the journey followed her all the way through as she believed in herself much about being in front of the camera, as an actress. With mentorship and support from her parents she knew she was destined for greatness and that which being behind the scenes as she discovered through her tertiary studies. She believes in creating experiences and building relationships as an aspiring filmmaker and entrepreneur.


On the first camera we have Siphosenkosi ‘Esskay’ Ngwenya, Cinematographer, born and bred in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. She always amazed at how different angles of the same subject

can create different effects in the final product. In film she had the curiosity of how a shot was

achieved as opposed to the narrative part of it. She fell so much in love with cinematography that she wanted it to be her life. Now that the journey has commenced she wants to be an example to

other females who want to pursue a career in an industry that is dominated by males.


We have a second cinematographer, Thabang ‘Dynamite’ Molai, born and bred in Hammanskraal in Pretoria, an Academy of Television and Screen Arts graduate. Whom is very passionate about behind the camera, defines herself as an author who writes with light and also editing. With tha, she gets to show and tell the world stories, entertain, educate, gather attention, attract direction,  bring solutions, fill the blanks and capture moments. She wants to see herself grow in this industry, even though she looks small, more as a DOP even in other departments of the production as a storyteller.

Then we have our Sound personnel And Video Editor, Tselane ‘Trustory’ Mahooa, from Qwaqwa.

Who hopes to accumulate as much knowledge as she can and broaden my horizons to expand her thinking capacity. Her aspiration is to use all the knowledge accumulated along with everything learnt in this internship and apply them in the real world and grow. She plans to open her own production company and give young aspiring filmmakers the same platforms this internship has given her. Passionate about telling stories, especially African stories through visuals and audio. Hopes one day the South African film industry can be big as Hollywood and Bollywood.