On The Femme Real: Mblee The Duurt

Well known as Mblee The Duurt, Mbali had no struggles with having to choose between other genres except for HipHop. Gaining inspiration and motivation from her parents as they listened to the likes of Tupac and Big. This influenced her reciting lines from the music, from moment to time aligning it to her DNA, gaining popularity within the rap community with 16 bars.

From then on that’s when the momentum of her stage name came about as she would be asked about the dirt, referring to what’s popping within her 16’s. As her friend would call her Mblee, the infusion of that name would grow into Mblee The Duurt. As we sat down with her in The Green Room, she spilled what it’s like being a female rapper in South Africa.

The influence in her music is what happens in the surroundings or insiders of the hiphop scene. How she feels about the industry and what she would do in going forward through positivity, that being heard through the music.

One thing about being a female rapper in the industry is all about being fierce and  being true to self. There are vultures out there, one has to stick to their motto and waiting for the right time if necessary than sweeping yourself down the drain by sleeping your way up as a way of making.

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