Palm Tree Paradise: #LessIsMore

PalmTree Paradise presents to its listeners a new groove to chase out the winter. At a time when the entire Hip Hop industry locally and internationally are releasing up-tempo music for the summer party season #LessIsMore provides something for those who appreciate lyricism and good music.

Having done a national tour where they got the opportunity to expand and introduce their brand of Hip Hop to the people of Mzansi; the group has experienced some of the many reality checks and tough challenges that come with being an upcoming musician, the guys have a lot to get off their chests. #LessIsMore allows the boys to do this to a super catchy almost jazzy rhythm which allows them to take their fans on a journey through their experiences in the music industry since their first release. As much as #LessIsMore emits positive vibes from the moment you press play, deeper topics are explored by the boys as can be expected of the rollercoaster which is the entertainment industry.

The recent success of PalmTree Paradise has also been met with as much disappointment as explained by Pdogg Amazing, Captain Hook, Sydrow & June Blackheart in their verses. True to form, Row Shotgun provides a squeaky clean instrumental which allows each artist to serenade the listener with the best Durban has to offer as well as a nostalgic baseline that gets even grandpa dancing.

As can be expected from any PalmTree Paradise release the song is a statement. Through all that the guys have been through together, they have learnt to trust and rely on each other above all. This is the message which they intend to spread. In a nutshell, always appreciate the people who are loyal to you, they’ll always have your back. This is the code we live by, this is how we overcome all obstacles, it’s a way of life in PalmTree Paradise #LessIsMore.

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