PatricKxxLee Before International Tour

PatricKxxLee is the kind of artist who immerses himself so thoroughly in the process of making music that the outcome is as accurate a reflection of his quintessence as it could possibly be.

One year after their hit record “Phonerotica”, South African new wave artists PatricKxxLee and J Molley got together for a follow-up feature track titled “Dark Side Down”.

In true sequel fashion, “Dark Side Down” reinvents PatricKxxLee’s and J Molley’s chemistry from last year’s feature, and makes room for all that has changed in the lives of both artists within the twelve month period. Girls come easy, and so does getting lost in the whirlwind of fame, late nights and deliberate intoxication.

On wax, “Dark Side Down” is a trip-hop bounce metered as hip-hop by PatricKxxLee’s grunge-inspired vocal work, which sees him singing and rapping, and his fixation with experimentation. Oriental-inspirations manifest in flute-like electronic ambient synths, harmonised with heavy bass.

Released exclusively on Apple Music on March 2, the track is now available on SoundCloud and all other platforms.

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Image by: NativeMag