Pitches and Goals: Danny talks about young creative entrepreneurship and soccer

In Danny’s opinion, a Grade 11 student, entrepreneurship is sometimes all about stepping on other people’s stairs, as less people, even the cool kids, are thinking divergently. The topics of discussions around their tables are more about being misfits and rebels with a cause but at the end of the day, they all want to be the same, wearing the same clothes and thinking the same way… even with fashion. No innovation found in that.

As most of the cool kids inside and outside use stage name or pseudonyms, Danny chose an alternative route.  Using his real name as “the man behind the brand” was inspired by Virgil , founder of OFF-WHITE. People respect an enticing brand. But i do it important to respect your name in order for others to respect it too. 

It is more likely to find people outsourcing skills (e.g. Marketing) and a few are still being Jacks and Jill’s of all  trades. For most it’s just preference as some people like Danny are largely dependent on parents for support. So external marketing becomes expensive making self-marketing the cheapest alternative and also with so much autonomy involved in the process. 

Danny believes that there is a gap as a young black creative entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Starting up fashion line in SA is hard as finances are still a major issue for everyone – especially black people. People also need to relate to your brand and the problem is the factionalism of the youth, as everyone wants to belong to a certain group, which leaves no space for collaborators of different perspectives.

If Danny was a professional soccer player, he would probably be helping out underprivileged kids, with a goal to set up an “academy” which will just serve as a base for getting kids off the streets, and maybe find their talent. The advise he would give to his fellow classmates and young aspiring entrepreneurs, is from a quote by Daniel Borchardt which reads:

“If you ever feel like you should be doing some thing you’re passionate about instead of something that will most probably make you unhappy but give you cash – trust me, you’re on the right path of realizing your goals. Nothing is easy, especially as a young entrepreneur, but don’t give up… If it means certain people or things get lost along the way, let it be… Your dreams are more important than anyone or anything else”