Stimorol teams up with up and coming talent to get South Africans to pick up the Refreshing Habit. Freshening up the entire country

Stimorol Ambassadors - Thabo Mafisa and Jesse Suntule

Meet Thabo Mafisa and Jesse Suntele.

As part of our online Stimorol competition, the Blacknation Media crew got a chance this passed week to kick it with the new Stimorol brand ambassadors somewhere in the North of Jo’burg. We went into this interview with preconceptions that the new ambassadors would not be anything more than street promoters of the brand. We were surprised by their level of involvement in developing the Stimorol brand within various youth market segments. Together Jesse and Thabo understand their roles as ambassadors, and aim to help create great experiences with people they encounter through the chewing gum brand.

We caught up with both Thabo Mafisa and Jesse Suntele. These dudes have a plan to juggle a few positions in show business. Besides from being the new brand ambassadors for Stimorol, they are involved in music, fashion/modeling, acting and many other activities within the entertainment space.

Check out the interview below…

What do you think are the synergies between you and the brand (Stimorol) that you rep?

Jesse: I believe I associate with the Stimorol brand very well. Stimorol is a cool product and people want to be associated with it because of its premium nature and uniqueness and for everything it stands for. I relate to a brand that understands what its target market wants.

Thabo: Stimorol just fits my lifestyle. Take for example my habit of breaking the silence whenever I get into a taxi. Now I can pass around some gum to everyone in the taxi while we make conversation. I break the ice in the most fun way now.

What would you consider the freshest thing about the Stimorol brand?

Jesse: Chewing gum allows you to be the coolest and most approachable guy in the room, and the Stimorol has more variety of flavours as well as price points that accommodate people with different taste buds and pocket size.

His favorite flavour is Infinity Tropical, simply because it’s has a good flavour and tastes really good…almost like juice. He continues to say that the flavours are subtle and very stimulating.

Thabo: Stimorol has always been one the most competitive brands in its sector and that for me means keeping it fresh…keeping things relevant. They also have a wide variety to choose from, these also accommodate people with different taste buds and pocket sizes.

His favorite flavour is Wild Cherry and says that the flavours are subtle, not overwhelming, but very stimulating.

Stimorol Ambassador - Jesse Suntele

Stimorol Ambassador – Jesse Suntele


Often enough people expect brands to benefit them, instead of the other way around. As a brand yourself, what do you stand to offer Stimorol?

Jesse: As brand ambassadors, I believe Thabo and I will be bringing our own personalities as well as ideas to the brand and assisting to build a brand that the whole of South Africa is aware of.. That is why we got nominated as ambassadors; the brand custodians can realize the potential that we have in terms of connecting with other young people. In addition, this particular Stimorol campaign will be incorporated in almost everything that I do as an up and coming entertainment personality. It allows me to do that.

Thabo: I am going to give people an authentic personal experience with the brand. I will use my personality and my diverse social circles to make people realize that I’m actually representing Stimorol because I love it, not because they employed me.

How do you plan to use your brand to bridge the gap between Stimorol, your followers and consumers?

Jesse: First and foremost, I am a recording artist, an actor and a model apart from being a brand ambassador. In terms of Stimorol, I plan to collaborate with the brand at every possible level – but music is the obvious starting point for me. I am in studio making music now and I’ll be writing about my experiences with the brand as well as the opportunities that lie ahead.

Thabo: By giving people an authentic experience with the product. I’ll be personifying Stimorol’s target market; therefore Jesse and I will be putting relatable human faces to the brand. I will be uploading photos and videos regularly on all my social media platforms. This is my way to show all my followers some authentic life experiences with Stimorol.

What are your thoughts on entertainment personalities that endorse brand?

Jesse: I think it makes a lot of sense for brands to collaborate with personalities, especially the up and coming group. I feel that most brand endorsers generally feel passionate about a particular brand and find it relatively easy to become a vessel for brand communication. Without this element, it would feel like and appear as if the brand is separate from its consumers. In other cases, the consumers end up identifying with the brand through its ambassadors/representatives.

Thabo: I feel like having an ambassador emphasizes the connection between the brand and the consumers. It helps brands move consumers from just buying the product to buying into the attributes or the face of the brand/ambassador. This type of approach gets consumers to identify with different brand elements such as lifestyle, instead of just benefits like fresh breath and exercising your mouth.

What are some of the biggest compromises or sacrifices you have to make as a brand ambassador?

Jesse: Putting your brand aside to accommodate your ambassadorship or failing to collaborate the two (your personal brand and the client brand). I guess at face value it comes across as if you’d have to do that, but in my case…there aren’t any sacrifices being made. I see myself as a brand and Stimorol is allowing me to take that brand to the next level. The synergies are really balanced.

Thabo: None at all. Because I believe the brand compliments my personality. People who go to brands looking only to benefit financially, they will feel like they are making sacrifices. Most of the things that the campaign requires of me can be identified in my personal life right now. This is my lifestyle.

Stimorol Ambassador - Thabo Mafisa

Stimorol Ambassador – Thabo Mafisa

Other people aspiring to become brand ambassadors, how would you describe your role in this relationship with Stimorol?

Jesse: My role is to encourage people to pick up the refreshing habit of chewing Stimorol gum as naturally as possible.

Thabo: My role is to familiarize people with the latest offerings from Stimorol and doing it in a very subtle way. It is also to get people to switch their bad habit with the refreshing habit of Stimorol and bring awareness to the brand.

What have you planned together with the Stimorol brand? Do you have any appearances in the near future?

Jesse: Keep the nation fresh at all times. We’re going to interact with people on the ground level, primary places include parties and other social gatherings, engage through social media and any other available platforms. We’ll be dishing out free chewing gum from Stimorol and in the same breath, we’ll be getting people to understand the brand and the value of the campaign at every turn.

Thabo: Mostly, we’ll be going about our daily lives by being our best selves. In every breath, we’ll carry Stimorol as an extension of ourselves. We’ll go to events and other social gatherings to enjoy ourselves, but most importantly share the great chewing gum flavours that Stimorol currently has on the market. We want to share memorable experiences with people.

In light of the new Stimorol campaign, what “funny habit” would you trade for Stimorol gum?

Jesse: whenever a person falls to the ground. It’s really bad because I laugh at everyone, old or young. So I think it will definitely be way fresher to pop out a gum whenever I find myself in a situation where I might offend someone.

Thabo: I used to be a big kid growing up and this is because I always go into the kitchen to raid the fridge while everyone is sleeping. My mom always had to shout from her room to try and stop me. So now, I’ll pop out a gum every time I get the urge to gobble a Vienna down my throat.

“Would you like some gum?” I think that is potentially one of the best ice-breakers in the English language. Stimorol has an asset in these dudes, basically. It all begs us to wonder what conversations these ambassadors are going to break into with that phrase. Especially the shoulders that they get to rub against at the red carpet events.

I am not too sure on the details of the relationships other personalities have with their client brands, but we’ve seen brands adding fuel to help young talented people flouring in their careers within the entertainment sphere. It is quite refreshing to know that Stimorol is among the brands that go the extra mile to help their ambassadors pursue their dreams. Not just another day at the office for these guys, the office follows them wherever they go and it works to their advantage.

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Stimorol Giveaway


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