TSA On Pure Innovation & Independent Thinking In Artistry

In collaboration with like-minded musicians & lyricists. TSA delivers his second offering to what seems to be thematically linked to his previous single Jungle. In “Ten Fold”, TSA represents a generation of artists that believe in pure innovation & independent thinking

Over a spine-chilling melody the record features one of South Africa’s most talented rappers, ByLwansta, and township tech pioneer, Spoek Mathambo. Each artist is heavily equipped with bars that express how their artistry is uniquely moulded to suit them as individuals.

TSA raps, “I just wanna inspire the youth/ make’em worship the truth, cause we have got a whole to be in this life time and a whole lot to prove”. While ByLwansta reminds us that he’s okay with being an independent artist. He raps, “In case you forgot that I’m not fucking unsigned, b*tch, I’m independent,  better get it right.” It’s clear that all these efforts made, see them wanting to reap all the benefits “Ten Fold”.

Spoek Mathambo comes in last as the most experienced of the two rappers. Wrapping up the song with a perspective that talks about the pretentious lifestyles that people tend to live while enjoying their short-lived success and popularity. “Ten Fold” is solid. It’s an unexpected collaboration from artists of different styles and backgrounds, which stills shows the potential for more artist to participate in the industry without a dictated identity.

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