Tshepo The Jean-Maker!

Written by Nomsa Motale

He is known as Tshepo The Jean maker, he designs his own brand of jeans and thrives on good quality. He took an interest in designing jeans because he decided he wanted to focus on the artistry of  jeans, he said that distribution has become one of his biggest challenges in the industry that he is in, but he is currently working on solving this problem. He has a passion for style and as a young business minded man, he is positive about where his future is headed.

I decided to have a talk with him to find out what tips he has for all the jean lovers who are out there. These are the tips he came up with…

Denim on denim

You can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket and jean. Winter season, get all geared up with a dope denim jacket. It’s a classic look and it can never get out of fashion, it’s been a trend for a while and will continue to do so.

Choosing the right size

Find jeans that suit your body shape. Make sure that the jean is the right cut. Do not go for a particular cut because it’s trendy, but you don’t feel comfortable in it.

Correct Shoes

Wrong shoes will kill the entire outfit. You can have a great pair of jeans, but if your shoes do not compliment your jeans, it can mess up your entire outfit.


Do not fold over your jeans more than four times, because it ends up looking bulky at the bottom. This may take away attention from the detailed design of your jean, try avoiding to fold it uncorrectly, although it also depends on the type of shoe youare wearing.

No Ironing

This depends on each individual, but you don’t have to iron your jeans. Ironing your jeans can sometimes give your jeans a tighter feeling on your body.