What Does Freedom, Mean To You?

Back To The City was lit, litty! The performances were on-point and the vibe was hypnotic. A-Reece brought the heat and Priddy Ugly had the crowd “in the mood” excuse the pun. I must say the event really lived up to making sure the Hip Hop culture stays relevant. It was dope, there was a moment when Zola performed all of his hit songs and made the crowd went crazy when Zola performed these hit songs, everyone was in-sync because of the music. Who could forget when Cassper made us say “Sha sha”. Every artist who was on stage brought their a-game.


This brings me back to the next topic, we all know that the 27th of April means a lot to us in this country. The fact that we are able to make decisions freely and move and occupy spaces without being stopped, the fact that we are able as the youth to create platforms and tell our stories in various ways, means we have come a long way compared to the generations before us who planted a seed for us and now that we have unraveled that seed as the youth, it’s up to us to be responsible with that freedom.

I guess Back To The City has created that link between young people and artists, its about creating a dialogue for young people to express themselves by connecting to the music. For the artists, its about taking advantage of the fact that years ago there would not be so much artistic freedom, for them its about creating a mark in their land and making sure that they continue to use music as a medium to communicate to their listeners. Although freedom means different things, to different people, without a doubt we can say that as the youth there are still a lot of challenges we face, such as financial issues, education, employment, there are daily struggles that we face even though we have freedom.


Sometimes its about taking time to appreciate the opportunities that we are able to create, the links we are able to do by working with other people. Looking around and noticing that there is room for improvement and it’s up to us to work on that.

Written by Nomsa Motale