Woke Up Like This Look

If you look around you will notice that there are so many fashion industries and so many fashion publications and so many fashion trends that you are probably tired of hearing about which trend is hot and which one is not, right? Is it just me, or do people hate being told what to wear and how to pull off the latest look? For some reason it gives you the “bleh” feeling and the perception that why should you have to go through so much effort just to step out the house and look good?


Well you are right, but also a bit wrong. Quick break down! When it comes to fashion it’s not always about following what the masses are doing, it’s not always about trying to copy the latest trends all at the same time. Fashion is all about representing how you feel by using your personal style.

For instance, it’s like choosing what you are going to eat for the day, it depends on your mood, your appetite and what you may be craving for, the weather sometimes influences our choice of food. Well it’s the exact same-thing when it comes to fashion and clothing. It’s all about how you feel and all these things combined allow you to put a certain look together.


That brings me to my next topic, uhm whether we like it or not, we live in a world that influences us daily when it comes to diverse things, such as music, hang-out spots, a certain lifestyle, fashion and all these things that influence us, make us reach a certain decision. Now before you shoot me down and think I’m gonna give you a how-to guideline of how to look awesome this season, all I am going to do is give you the 411 on what might be the best trend

The upcoming ‘trend’ or look this season, is the “I Woke Up Like This Look” no, I am not talking about Beyonce’s song, I am talking about a fashion trend that most people might actually dig, considering the fact that it pushes the “I don’t care look”, if you think I am talking about the Kanye West hobo-chic look, welllll not exactly! This look has been inspired by the likes of SZA, Rihanna and so forth.

Screenshot_2017-04-28-11-43-12-1 (1)

I’m talking about big sweaters, big sweat pants, just big, or over-sized something. Picture an over-sized sweater with colourful stockings, and cute heels or boots. The fun thing about this trend is that it’s so playful and allows you to think outside the box, it pushes you to see how far can you push the over-sized sweater look and still look dope!

Written by @sasamotale