You Shouldn’t Have Done That – He Was Just a Boy

As a foreword, Francois Dillinger and SIBIR14N IMPER1AL wrote

“It’s a coming of age story we guess. On this, we with love, loss, redemption, groove and well… babes. Something timeless to get you smiling, reflecting and dancing. Anyone that knows us knows this sound, this narrative is the true essence of Francois Dillinger and SIBER14N IMPER14L. This isn’t the last you’ll hear from us on this note, we hope everyone enjoys listening and dancing to You Shouldn’t Have Done That as much as we did making it”

After a 3-year bout of silence, it would come as a relief to the fans and followers of Johannesburg-based rapper, “Mr Suave-Ass-Nigger” Francois Dillinger just released a 5-track project produced by fellow MMFSON member and frequent collaborator SIBER14N IMPER14L.

Titled “You Shouldn’t Have Done That, He Was Just A Boy” the project is a fine display of growth and quality from the pair of musicians. Characteristic of Francois Dillinger – the listener is given a glimpse into Franky’s [mis]adventures, drug fuelled city experiences, dealing with loss of his father – but more surprisingly it seems to be about love (a few more listens will confirm this). Not only is it conveyed through the raps – but the sonic palette created by experimental producer SIBIR14N IMPER1AL.