“Youth in Revolt” TRNSD SUMMER 16




Go Above, Go Beyond, Onto The Next Level, Make It To The Highest



Stay #TrendscendApproved




  • Trend Setter: One who has a greater sense of identity in Fashion, Style, Music.  Leader in his/her own right.
  • Transcend: To be greater than standard, unity, truth, and goodness.

Trendsetter + Transcend = Trendscend



Founded in 2013, Trenscend is a fashion brand that began with the simple idea of bringing to life a refreshing take on streetwear. From the beginning, the goal was to innovative and lead the frontier in high end street fashion. Successfully accomplishing this goal – TRNSD is a product of well thought conceptual design & a sense of style that visions beyond current trends. They offer a youth inspiring lifestyle brand that serves as a “High-Street Alternative” to most of the brands that we all grew up in.



To get your hands on some of this “Trendscending” streetWear visit the online store -> TRNSD Shop
To catch up on the brand’s lifestyle check out their blog here -> TRNSD Blog